Please check the sauna regularly once a week for possible damage and repair it immediately. For example, loosened screws must be tightened immediately. Lime or water spots on the sauna heater are removed most effectively with a brush. After cleaning, the sauna must be aired.

Reclining furniture:
Wipe off the seating and reclining furniture with a damp cloth. In case of heavier soiling, the furniture can be sanded off from time to time with a fine-grained sandpaper (l00 grain).

When required, a hydrogen peroxide solution can also be used for the recliner laths.

The floor should be wiped with a damp cloth.

Wall covering:
The cabin outer walls can be protected (impregnated) against moisture. The sauna inner lining, together with the interior appointments (recliners etc.) must not be impregnated or painted. The wall covering can be cleaned from time to time (every 6 months / or when required) with a damp cloth (not wet, no hose, no high pressure cleaner).

Door handles:
Retighten screw connections regularly.

Hinge plates:
The hinge plates must be lubricated regularly.

Door latch bolt:
Oil regularly and readjust when required.

The wood in the sauna cabin is extremely dry and thus very sensitive to moisture. The timber lining of the sauna cabin as well as the recliners and benches must therefore never be sprayed down with a water hose or high pressure cleaner. This also applies to cleaning the floor inside the sauna cabin. Also exterior coverings must not be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner or water hose.

When a high pressure cleaner or running water is used, the guarantee for the complete sauna, in particular.


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